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How to Take Responsibility in a Crisis

If you’re a leader, it isn’t enough to take responsibility for your own mistakes. You’ve got to step up and be the spokesperson for your people when things go wrong, too. And it’s true—the blame might belong to one person. But if they’re on your team, you have to take ownership.

Instead of assigning blame, focus on fixing the problem at hand. It takes real leadership to take the focus off one individual and choose to move forward for the good of everyone around you.

There’s one particular story that will inspires me to take responsibility no matter what. Read on to learn how even Johnson & Johnson, one of the most visible companies out there, took control when their Tylenol was laced with harmful chemicals.

How to Spread Thankfulness

The holiday season is finally here, and I just love it. This is a very special time of the year; it reminds us to be thankful for all that we have, no matter how big or small.

But if you want this feeling to be a large, powerful part of your life, don’t just be thankful in the last quarter of the year. Carry this spirit with you for all 12 months. The older you get, the more you realize how having an attitude of gratitude adds meaning to your life.

Find the motivation to make it a lifestyle right here.

3 Ways for Leaders to Be a Calming Force

In times of crisis, your job as a leader is to be a calm strength to others. You’ll likely be surrounded by a wave of different emotions when chaos arrives, and that’s when you have to be at your best.

But sometimes there is truly no crisis at all. Someone might come to you with a problem that can easily be solved, but his or her panicked state might tell another story. Easing their worries and getting things back on track takes dedicated practice.

When situations like these come up, try using these three tips to solve their problems and bring back the calm.

How to Build Your Momentum and Finish the Year Strong

It seems like not too long ago, 2016 was just starting and we were setting fresh goals for ourselves. But it’s already Halloween! Looking back on this past year, sometimes it makes you wonder, Where did all the time go?

If you feel like haven’t accomplished all the things you wanted to yet this year, give the last quarter your biggest effort. Wake up hungry, attack the day and finish the year strong so you can go into 2018 with tremendous momentum.

Watch this inspiring video to get going.

The 9 People You Need to Be Successful

Every successful person needs strong human connections, and not just the professional kind. There are so many people—nurturers, thinkers, mentors—who can help you get to where you want to be in life.

Over time, I’ve come across nine types of people that have helped shaped the man I am today. It helps to have a few good people on your side, but if you can get all nine of these characters, your support system will grow stronger and stronger.

Keep reading to see if you recognize any of these personalities in your social circle.

5 Traits of Naturally Resilient People

Personal challenges can be difficult to handle. We don’t always face them alone, but no matter who’s beside us, we still have to find a way to deal with setbacks. In other words, you’re the one that has to pick up the pieces—and no one else.

When things get tough, be resilient. Have a certain mental strength, and take control of the situation. Don’t let it take control of you.

Try using these five tips to make it happen.

How to Think Like the Person You Want to Become

One of the biggest challenges we face today is keeping a positive mind. There will always be some kind of challenge to face, but that’s just life―no matter what comes your way, your self-belief should be stronger than anything you’re up against.

Being a big thinker is all about how you see yourself. People who think big anticipate the best for their future. They believe that those big thoughts and ideas can actually play out in reality.

The mind is a powerful tool, so use this piece of motivation to think like the person you want to become.

How to Build Self-Control

You are a reservoir of powerful resources. Your direction, focus and energy are constantly being tapped so you can keep making things happen—day in and day out.

The best way to make sure you don’t run out of energy is by mastering self-control. When challenges appear and fleeting emotions try to take over, don’t give in to them. Save your energy for more meaningful tasks.

It’s easy to run out of energy when you really need it, so here’s how to stop wasting it.

Ask Yourself These 3 Honest Questions About Your Work

Now that Labor Day has come around again, it’s a good time to reflect on the concept of work. It sounds like a tiresome thing―Labor Day―but it’s a reminder that if you don’t enjoy what you do, you’re going to face some difficult challenges.

You can’t succeed without doing the work, so you’ve got to choose where you put your efforts wisely. Here are two good questions to ask yourself:

Does it fulfill me and make me feel good? Am I happy?

The answers should give you a good inventory of your passions―and when you need to make sure you’re still on the right path, dig deep for your purpose with this motivational message.
“Real leadership is about building other people and shining your light on them, not on yourself.”