I want to talk to you today about having an attitude of gratitude. Most people’s attitude is this: “Things always happen to me,” or “Why am I so unlucky?” We all know those people in our lives, that if you ask them how they’re doing, you wish you could stuff the words back in your mouth.

Success isn’t just money; it’s, are you happy—are you living a happy life? It’s to have an attitude of gratitude. Every day on the right side of the grass is a good day. Get up, get excited, be happy. If you’re waiting on circumstances to make you happy, you’ll never be happy. You’ve got to develop a happiness that comes from within.

Money will not make you happy. I’ve been very blessed in life. I’ve had things happen in my business career that have been great, but I’ve got to tell you—money is an amplifier. If you’re basically a happy person, when you get money you’re a really happy person. I know lots of wealthy, bitter, complaining, nagging people. Get happy. Be happy.

If you say, “Well, John, that’s easy for you to say”—fool yourself. Smile. Act the way you want to feel and soon you’ll feel the way you act. Have an attitude of gratitude. Find somebody to say something good to every day. Find somebody to lift up. Be a part of making people feel better, and I’m telling you, when you become that kind of person, it’s amazing how your results in life change. So start today. Work on your attitude, and have an attitude of gratitude.

See you at the top.

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