You know, I can’t believe it’s Halloween.

I mean, the year 2017—I guess the older we get, the quicker time goes. You know, this was the year I turned 60 years old, and my God, it’s gone by fast. Time flies on us.

You know, they’ve already got the Christmas decorations to put out. So you go straight from Halloween into the holidays: Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving season. This is a time of year I love. These are traditional holiday celebrations, family….

Well, I want you to start a new tradition this year. It is the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2017. Now think back to when you made New Year’s resolutions. Whether you wrote them down or not, you made decisions of things you were going to do this year. How you were going to live a better life. How you were going to accomplish more goals in your life. Go back right now and either think about those or look at those. And maybe some of them… eh, you missed it. But I guarantee you, a lot of things, with tremendous, powerful effort in the fourth quarter, you can either get those goals or you can scare the heck out of those goals.

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Before you can turn around, we’re going to be talking about what 2018 is going to be like. Well, I can tell you this: Going into a new year with tremendous momentum—in your personal life, your business life, in every way, in your thinking, in what you’re doing—will give you a better 2018.

So start 2018 right now. Finish strong. Every day between now and then, attack the day. Get up. Get after it. Have tremendous momentum on your side. Go out and kill it the rest of 2017 so that you have your greatest year ever in 2018.

I’ll see you at the top because the bottom sure is crowded.

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