Happy Valentine’s Day!

The great thing about holidays is they make us think about things that we tend to put out of our mind during the normal days of the week. So besides having a great dinner and a bottle of champagne with your significant other in your life, which is what most people do on Valentine’s Day, if you think about the holiday, the holiday is based upon love.

I remember as a little kid when you were in elementary school, you would make a little bag that you would put your name above and they would staple to the board and you would put hearts on it. Mine was always ugly because I couldn’t draw and the other kids’ were all decorated and beautiful. But then people would put valentines in your bag, and you would get valentines from all your friends and some people you didn’t even know.

One of the things that I think is very important in this world now, where I believe we’re more divided than I ever remember in this country, is in the past you could disagree with somebody and just disagree with them. Now if they disagree with you, they think you’re terrible, awful, hate them—whatever.

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I honestly believe our world today needs more people to love one another. Look, we’re all human beings. We need to be human becomings, where we get better. That means sometimes loving people and getting along with people that may not be just like you or think just like you. Look for a reason to get along with people, to get to like people, and maybe even to love people. I think great leaders love people—with all of their imperfections, all of their challenges, all of their problems.

So this Valentine’s Day, look inside your heart and find a reason to love, respect and push up other people. Look at everybody you meet and try to make them feel better because they met you.

See you at the top, because the bottom sure is crowded!

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