I want to wish everybody an amazing Labor Day. It’s the holiday where we celebrate all the hard work that people do in this country.

For a lot of us, kids are starting back in school and you’re really two-thirds of the way through the year. So as we head into the final third of 2016, I want to challenge you to do a real assessment: Have you accomplished the things you wanted to accomplish this year? Are you on track to have the kind of year that you said you were going to have back in January? I guarantee for most of us the answer is, “Eh, not really.”

So that’s my challenge to you this Labor Day: Finish this year strong. Get things done. Hit your goals that you set. Go into 2017 with tremendous momentum.

Everybody, have a great holiday—but more important than that, decide that the end of 2016 is going to set the pace for an amazing future.

I’ll see you at the top, because the bottom sure is crowded!

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