I want to talk to you about living in the moment.

You know, time goes by quick. Life is short. And so many people spend all their time thinking about:

“Well, next year I’m going to do this.”
“When I pay off this bill, I’m going to be happy.”
“When the kids get out of school, I’m going to enjoy something.”

They’re always out here living and they never focus on that moment. This is a fact: You’ll never have this moment again. You’ll never have today again, and you’ll never have tomorrow again. You’ve got one shot, day by day.

So live in the moment. Choose to be happy now—be excited.

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You know, I travel a lot, fortunately. I’ve been very blessed in life. And I get to go to gorgeous places and great things, and I get so tickled now, particularly with, you know, smartphones that you can film everything on. How many people are around some of the most gorgeous things? I’m not saying I don’t like to take a picture or have film. Unfortunately, I probably don’t take enough of them. But I like to, if I’m in the Sistine Chapel, look at the Sistine Chapel. Some people are spending so much time filming it, they don’t see it. I guess they see it when they show the movie to themselves later.

Drink in the moment. Live for today. Be excited with where you’re at. Make the most of it and enjoy every moment. Live every day like it’s your last. Because one of these days you’re going to be right.

Enjoy the ride. Success is a journey, not a destination. So live in the moment and enjoy the moment.

I’ll see you at the top, because the bottom sure is crowded.

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