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You know, we’re in my favorite time of the year right now. The holiday season, the Christmas season, the Thanksgiving season. For all of my life, it’s just been the most special time of the year. I just love it.

The thing I want to talk to you about today is having an attitude of thankfulness and carrying that forward not just during the season, but in all the seasons of the year. Having an attitude of gratitude. You know, every day on the right side of the grass is a good day.

And the older you get in life, the more you learn to appreciate every day you feel good, every day that you get up and your feet hit the floor, and you’re still moving forward.

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Enjoy every day.

Cherish every moment.

Tell people you love them.

Enjoy your life. Life is very short. It’s very precious. You’re not going to get a do-over. A thankful, happy attitude that you have in your soul and heart infuses all aspects of your life.

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One of the things I love is that people always tell me all the time, “You seem so happy. You seem like something good happened today. You smile.”

Well, I work hard at that. I work hard at being happy, being excited and smiling. A lot of people tell me all the time, “John, I’m just not that way. I’m not one of those people that smiles all the time. I’m just not that happy all the time.”

Well, I’ve got to tell you: Why do you choose to be that way? “Well John, it’s hard for me to think that way.” Well, fool yourself. Just smile. Act happy. Act the way you want to feel, and soon you’ll feel the way you act.

Life is short. Life is precious. What are you waiting on to get happy?

Have an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for each day, and not just one time a year. Carry that feeling throughout the year.

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