It’s hard to believe it is already spring of 2017. Now, I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the faster time seems to fly. And when you think about spring arriving, in many ways it’s a rebirth—you know, the earth comes back alive, plants bloom. It’s a beautiful time of the year. But it also says that the year you’re in, that seems like just yesterday it was a new year, new day and you were having a hard time remembering to write 2017 instead of 2016—is a quarter over.

So whatever goals and plans you had for this year, the first quarter’s done. You’re moving into the second quarter of the year. So I believe that spring is a time of rebirth. It needs to be a time or rebirth of your dreams and your goals and your desires—a time of re-commitment to making this your greatest year ever.

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So when you’re out seeing the trees blooming, sniffling with the allergies from the pollen—when you’re seeing the beautiful flowers—use that to remind you that not only is this a rebirth of our earth but it’s a rebirth for you, of your dreams, your goals and your desires.

Go out and make this the greatest year you’ve ever had.

I’ll see you at the top, because the bottom sure is crowded!

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