We’re recording this for you all today on Martin Luther King Day, who’s from right here in Atlanta, Georgia—truly a man who built a movement that changed our society. And one of the things I most admired about Dr. King is one of his quotes, “The mark of a man is not what he does in times of comfort and convenience but what he does in times of challenge and controversy.” See, I totally believe that and know that that is the truth.

You know, anyone can be happy and do the right things when everything is just hunky-dory, but when it’s times of challenge, when it’s times of controversy, what kind of stand do you take? You know, Dr. King was a person that built a peaceful movement for change at pretty chaotic times against something that was very evil—segregation and the way things were at that time. But through his character, through his communication skills, through his vision, he was able to change America.

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Dr. King and Sir Winston Churchill were both two of the people selected as men of 20th century. Now, most of us aren’t called on to do anything that gigantic. But each of us in our lives has to take a stand from time to time and make sure we do the right things for the right reasons, and it’s how we act and behave when things are tough that ultimately determine the measure of us as people.

See you at the top, because the bottom sure is crowded!

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