It’s Veterans Day, and this is a day where we should all take time to thank the people that given us freedom. This summer, Loveanne and I and friends were in Normandy, and we went to the cemetery there. It was so amazing. My dad, who’s a World War II veteran is 91—he was born in 1925. Seeing him now as an old man, I realized when I was walking through that cemetery how many of the 10,000 were buried there who died on the beaches on D-Day. They were all born in 1924, 1925—same age as my father—but they only made it to 18, 19, 20 years old. We all make sacrifices in life, but that’s the ultimate sacrifice. It allows us to have freedom and the lifestyle that we enjoy. So I challenge every one of you: Find a veteran today and thank them for your freedom.

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