If you ask me what is my one single, favorite holiday of the year, it’s Thanksgiving. Even though we were a small family, we had tons of people come over. The smell in the kitchen when you woke up that morning, the food, the fellowship, the friendship—as a child, it kicked off the Christmas season. You got to watch Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and Santa Claus getting there. Since my childhood, it has been my favorite holiday.

Now, as an adult, when my kids are in town, it’s so unpretentious. It’s not all the “pomp and circumstance.” It’s just a celebration of your family and the blessings of life.

So I encourage every one of you in this Thanksgiving, heading into the Christmas season, to make a list of your blessings, the things that you are so happy about and you’re so thankful for. I promise you when something hits you in life, a lot of the things you worry about fade away. But your blessings, the people you love, the things you love, all the joys of life—those are the things to be thankful for.

Have an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for your life, thankful for your opportunity to go out and affect others and live a great life. I encourage you to be happy, be thankful and then go out and do something special in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving! And I’ll see you at the top, because the bottom sure is crowded.

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