You know, a lot of things you spend all your time fretting about aren’t that big of a deal. Running the company for years, people would run up and tell me, “John, we have a crisis. This is a crisis situation.” My answer was usually, “As a result of what happened, how many people are dead?” Fortunately in my business career, the answer to that was always none. So therefore, that establishes that this really is not a crisis. This is maybe a bad situation. It may be something tough.

Go to a hospital and watch trauma surgeons when a horrible accident has happened or what our young men do on the battlefield. They’re dealing with a crisis situation. Most of the time in business, we’re dealing with challenges. I guarantee you, you roll the clock back five years from now, if it’s a bad thing you’re dealing with—probably you won’t even remember it. You’ll develop perspective and realize that most of the stuff you let get you down or tear you all up—it really isn’t that big of a deal.

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