Countdown to #MissionLeadership








John Here, it’s time I spilled the beans!

I’ve been bombarded with inquiries; you’ve been asking what I’m up to.

Planning & strategizing, mostly. On what, you may be asking?

#MissionLeadership … a movement that will aggregate all my skills and experience. I finally have the time to focus on rectifying the largest problem I feel our world has right now, the severe lack of true leaders. In my heart of hearts, I know I have to help fix this problem.

The task ahead has produced a whirlwind of emotions; I’ve been super excited, somewhat frustrated and even slightly intimidated by #MissionLeadership. It was one thing to have the most incredible corporate team and field leaders surrounding me when I was CO-CEO at Primerica. Now it’s just “lil ole me”; it has felt like I’m the only offense and defensive player on the field … which doesn’t work, and it is exhausting.

#MissionLeadership launches in 2020. And, listen! I can’t do this alone; it won’t work.

Humbly speaking, I need YOU. I need your input, your strength, inspiration, support, your drive, insights, and connections so we can make a massive and lasting impact … not a wimpy dent. Together, we can help cultivate ONE MILLION new leaders by 2025. This is going to be an awesome ride together … I know we can do it.

So what’s the next step???

Let me know you want in on the #MissionLeadership project set to launch in January of 2020.

How do you do that?

Simple, just raise your virtual arm and say you are in.