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Master the Art of Delegation in 3 Steps

When you transition from team member to leader, your role will be less about completing daily tasks and more about taking the reins for everyone involved. You’ll be the one in a charge—the one who delegates and makes sure everyone’s input results in one, big accomplishment.

But it’s a fine line to walk. While you want to give your people a sense of direction, you don’t want to micromanage them. I think the best way to delegate is by giving people a healthy freedom to work independently, all while staying in the loop so you can help where needed.

The more you start delegating and truly depending on your team for results, the faster everyone will grow. Here are three tips to inspire them to get more done, without being overly involved. read more

This Is the Real Meaning of Christmas

Merry Christmas!

What an amazing, incredible thing to experience, this day of love and of giving. I hope you’re having a great holiday and that you’re spending it with the ones you love.

I look forward to this time of the year because it reminds me of what’s important: family, friends and a cheerful spirit. Life is short, so be sure to cherish these moments with the people you hold dear.

But doing this for one day is selling yourself short. If you can carry the holiday spirit, this outpouring of gratitude, charity and hope into 2018, there’s no telling what you’ll accomplish. A positive attitude is not just for the Christmas season. It’s for a successful life.

I want to share a very personal story with you about my family and what this holiday means to me. I hope it inspires you to appreciate every little moment in time. read more

How to Take Responsibility in a Crisis

If you’re a leader, it isn’t enough to take responsibility for your own mistakes. You’ve got to step up and be the spokesperson for your people when things go wrong, too. And it’s true—the blame might belong to one person. But if they’re on your team, you have to take ownership.

Instead of assigning blame, focus on fixing the problem at hand. It takes real leadership to take the focus off one individual and choose to move forward for the good of everyone around you.

There’s one particular story that will inspires me to take responsibility no matter what. Read on to learn how even Johnson & Johnson, one of the most visible companies out there, took control when their Tylenol was laced with harmful chemicals. read more
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