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Addisonisms: Quotes to Live By

Addison shares his thoughts on learning leadership & leading life through this collection of quotes carefully curated from his lifetime.

Leaders are in-demand. Luckily, people were born to be leaders. John Addison knows that every person has strengths in leadership, and every person deserves to have their strengths encouraged. Take a peek into John Addison’s mind to see what inspires his view on leadership every day.

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Regardless of who you’ve been charged with leading, your skill-set will no doubt require evolution. Leadership is service. If your job is in service of others it requires your best.

You’re here and that means that you’re on my team. The articles here I wrote in service of you. I hope they will inspire, educate, and motivate you in leaving your own legacy of leadership.

The Power of Trust in Leadership

The Power of Trust in Leadership

Trust is one thing that constantly stays on our radar. Most of us are vigilant about deciding who we can trust and what information we can trust them with. We do this because we see value in ourselves and want to have valuable relationships. Trust is just one element...

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Leadership during Chaos requires Reality and Hope

Leadership during Chaos requires Reality and Hope

Infusing Hope without Perpetrating False Realities is what leadership during chaos demands. History books are filled with accounts of men and women stepping up to ensure strong leadership during chaos. Leadership tends to call up one’s better angels. There’s no doubt...

4 Ways to Declutter Your Mind

4 Ways to Declutter Your Mind

In our world today, it’s easier than ever to be unfocused. So many people are attracted to their distractions, staring at their phones and allowing crazy stuff to fly into their brains in a steady stream of clutter. If you really, truly want to achieve your biggest...

4 Reasons You Need to Take Time Off Work to Recharge & How to Do it!

4 Reasons You Need to Take Time Off Work to Recharge & How to Do it!

There’s something that’s true about you, when you’re an entrepreneur: you’re passionate about what you do. If you’re not passionate about it, you’re just not going to be an entrepreneur for long. Because you’re the one that makes it happen. You may have a team that...

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There are thousands of Google searches each day for Leadership. People want to know what are the top qualities of a great leader. I have a different query. What does it mean to an individual to HAVE a great leader? The answer to that question is EVERYTHING.

#MissionLeadership is a modern-day quest. I’m looking for brave men and women who understand the value of excellent leadership, are ready to expand their skill-set and are willing to pay-it-forward.

You in?

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In 2019 the idea of #MissionLeadership was born. I’ve written a book, I speak to large groups, I have thousands of social media followers, but it wasn’t making a big enough impact. See, we are in dire straits. We are suffering from a lack of leadership in our country and around the world. So, #MissionLeadership was created as a course to help people grow in their leadership roles. I hope to impact One Million people before the end of 2025. I hope you’ll be one of them!

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