Real Leadership

Volume 2

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Rewired with Purpose.

In 2015, co-CEO of Primerica John Addison didn’t retire; he rewired and wrote a bestselling book. We’ve updated Real Leadership with a Bonus Chapter and an incredible Companion Workbook that is FREE to download right now!

“To condense what I’d learned and taught during my time at Primerica was challenging, at times emotional, and really humbling. As I recalled my personal history in order to tell it to you, I was reawakened to how immensely blessed my life has been…but shifts are happening in our society, in our culture, and those shifts divide us and obfuscate things that were formerly very cut and dried. In my lifetime, I’ve never witnessed our people so divided. Navigating to the truth in today’s society is less of a straight line and more of a Greek odyssey. I’m hoping I can spark a passion in you to be a champion for truth and great leadership.”

-Excerpt from Real Leadership V2 Bonus Chapter

Real Leadership Revisited

Walk with John as he shares stories from days when his favorite couch came from alongside a dumpster to the day he was presented with the choice of whether or not to get a personal jet. Take in the wisdom from his decades of experience as an employee of A.L. Williams, what he learned from the leadership that went before him, and then what he chose to apply for himself as he himself became part of the leadership as co-CEO of one of America’s biggest corporations.

See Real Leadership in a New Light with the Companion Book

When it comes to self-development for business (or any other kind, for that matter), you won’t get there by reading a book from cover to cover. You won’t even get there by reading the same book a couple of times. If you read that book sixty times and commit it to memory, then you might have a better shot at allowing the information to truly permeate you and alter your way of being in the world, but I have something far more interesting and engaging for you. This FREE material is dynamic, experience-based, and—best of all—it’s personalized to your individual needs; Meet the new Real Leadership Volume II Companion Workbook!

The Companion Workbook is fifty-three pages of in-depth self-analysis and reflective exercises that will inspire you, offer you intrapersonal clarity, and help you define your life and leadership goals in a way that isn’t intimidating.

If you are serious about your growth as a leader, if you want to uncover your beliefs and ideas about who you are and what you’re capable of, if you want to clarify your strengths and take a peek at your weaknesses too, and if you want to formulate a plan to break through every single obstacle and self-limiting belief you have that is keeping you from the destiny you see for yourself, this workbook was written just for you.

A Word of Encouragement

I’m not going to sugarcoat it; embarking on this adventure through Real Leadership is going to mean a little extra work, but I promise you, you’ll get out of it what you put into it. If you put your all into it, imagine where you’ll be on your leadership journey in a short while. You might read these words and think, “Extra work! I am already overburdened and burnt out!” Well, that’s just the thing; this extra work will help you choose for yourself, shape your life, and tailor your future to look more how you want it to. A little extra effort now will pay dividends later. You’ll see.

I’ll see you at the top!

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Real Leadership Vol 2