I want to talk to you today about getting big, about thinking big in your life―how to see yourself as more than you are right now.

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See, I believe that’s one of the greatest challenges we have. We hold ourselves back. We don’t release our brakes in life. We get in a rut and we start thinking, “You know, this is just what my life is,” and we don’t allow ourselves to see ourselves as something bigger.

You know, I think a big piece of that comes to how do you talk to yourself? And by that I mean, how do you talk to yourself in your head? I mean, I know sometimes I fall victim to this.

“Oh, you’re just dumb, you’re stupid, you’re such an idiot.”

You’ve got to be careful with that kind of stuff. You were put on Earth to live a happy, fulfilled life. and I believe a key to that is to see great things happening in your life. Expect great things to happen in your life.

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Get up every day and say, “Today I will be in the right place. I will talk to the right people. I will make the right thing happen in my life.”

I’m here to tell you if you’re big enough for your dreams, your dreams aren’t big enough for you. You should see great things happening. People will tell you if you think about it long enough, it will happen. I don’t know if that’s always true. Sometimes things don’t work out. That is a fact of life.

But I can guarantee you one thing. If all you do is go through life expecting the worst, usually that’s what’s going to happen.

Have anticipation, be excited and get up every day, and think big thoughts, dream big dreams and have an amazing life.

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